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A friend of mine said once, “People are like trees. We need roots and connecting to those roots is essential.”

This is my photo under not only one of the oldest trees in Cairo, Egypt but also in the world. This tree is 155 years old. It’s known for digging its roots very deep in the ground and growing large branches that each look like a separate tree on its own. Every place, every corner in Egypt has history, has a story to be told. Every single person has a story too. I flew back home at the end of 2022, a well-needed trip to go back to my roots.

Sometimes we own our story. Other times, the story owns us. But I always yearned to know what lies beneath the story. I was always eager to know not only what happened but also why and how it happened.

What my friend said sounded so interesting to me because everything I do in RTT has to do with finding the root cause of the issue.

I was always dissatisfied whenever I go to a doctor for a diagnosis and then ask the doctor what’s the reason behind the illness, and they simply answer, “I don’t know.” I always thought to myself, “How come? How come someone who spent all those years and maybe dedicated their whole life trying to cure people from illnesses that they know nothing about what causes them?”

I have always had a passion for the unknown, the mysterious. Part of that is uncovering the root cause of anything I could think of specifically negative thoughts, emotions, habits, and behaviours. I like everything deep, deep people, deep conversations, deep thoughts, and emotions. That’s why I always liked to dig deeper to reach the root cause of issues. Just like the tree.

RTT provided me with access to that. However, RTT is deeper than just that. What I do is deeper than just unfolding the layers of your narrative. With RTT, you get to find the root cause, but also understand what interpretation you made of that story. It also provides you with tools to look at it objectively, evaluate it, and realize that you are not that person anymore. It allows you to release and set free the negative emotions you’ve kept in for far too long. It also helps your subconscious mind become updated on your current status. For example, you don’t need the excess weight to shield yourself from something that might hurt you or to prove to others you are powerful.

The thing is when we go through a negative event, it’s as if our mind freezes. As if our mind stops at this moment in time when we were hurt or traumatized. That is normal because our subconscious doesn’t work with time. There is no such thing as past, present, and future. Your mind needs that update so you can move on. You see it’s not about the trauma, it’s about what you made of it, the interpretation your mind came up with to overcome or protect you from such trauma happening again. That is exactly what RTT offers you, changing the interpretation and; thus, changing your patterns of thought.

Indeed, your subconscious doesn’t work with time, and we can’t change what happened or rather change the past. However, we can change our interpretation of it, and therefore change the present moment and the future.

If you are the kind of person who likes to uncover the layers of unrevealed secrets of your subconscious, if you are the kind of person who wants to own your story,if you like to dig deeper to reach the root cause of the issue you’re suffering from to free yourself completely from it then connect with me and let me help you on your journey of going back to your roots.

Much Love,


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